Marcus and keith 2

Words can often fail us, particularly when we want to talk about difficult things. Our music therapists work with people for whom verbal communication is a challenge, either due to some impairment or simply because the words are hard to find.

The music therapist works flexibly according to the needs of each individual and seeks to build a relationship through sounds and music, allowing time and space to explore the instruments.

For those who find communication difficult, music therapy can offer opportunities for interaction and self- expression. Playing music together can also encourage vocalisations and the development of motor skills.

  • At MusicSpace we work with adults with a range of difficulties including head injuries, learning disability, physical disability, Alzheimer’s, physical illness and mental health needs
  • The work takes place at our Bristol centre and at other locations in the region, such as residential homes
  • We work with adults both individually and in small groups
  • We offer ‘taster’, short-term or longer term sessions as required
  • Sessions may focus on improvising music using instruments or voice, using familiar songs, writing songs or even using pre-recorded music.