musicspace-webimage.jpg-final-200x200‘PlayAble’ by MusicSpace

‘PlayAble’ is an exciting new play-along CD to help you make music using Soundbeam

‘PlayAble’ is a unique collection of 12 tracks created by music therapists at MusicSpace and designed to work with Soundbeam 2 and Desktop Soundbeam

Each track acts as backing music for the Soundbeam and lasts for 5 minutes giving you time to listen and play your own sounds along with the music. Choose from blues, reggae or pop tunes and join in using the beams or switches

Helpful sleeve notes describe each track’s musical style and suggest which beams or switches work best

‘PlayAble’ is designed for solo and group work. It can be used as a teaching tool within any music curriculum.

To purchase a ‘PlayAble’ CD for only £14.99 please complete the PlayAble-CD-order-form

Click on the titles below to listen to some sample tracks.


Outer Isles

Arabian Knights

Click on the link below for a story that can be used with one of the Soundbeam presets.