Special school

One of the team talks about her work in a special school

I provide music therapy at a special school 1.5 days a week. Some children come individually and some in groups of up to three. My approach varies for each child; for children with a profound physical disability, I may use a ‘Soundbeam’ (an electronic device that produces music and sounds in response to movement and switch pressing). I have found this gives them opportunities to take part in music making, empowering them to have a ‘voice of their own’; for children with a learning disability, my approach may be developmental, using music as a tool to encourage communication and interaction; for children struggling with emotional issues, I find the creative and emotional aspect of music-making is the most effective approach; young people with autism often respond to the music as a non-threatening way of communication and building a relationship of trust. The work at the school is exciting and rewarding, with a fantastically supportive staff, who help out in many of the sessions.